Target87 Statistics

When comparing Target87 to just about any other gambling system out on the market today, there really wasn't a comparison!  I have looked through countless online internet gambling sites, spoken to many professionals in the casino industry and even read through dozens of table game system books.  But none of them came close to making the kind of money that Target87 was able generate or could offer the safety and reliability my system will implement!  You will learn how to win at Roulette and Baccarat and make the kind of money that makes every other system on the market obsolete!

Whether it's website discussions on internet gambling or articles previewing various gambling strategies, these forums all fall short on showing the player how to truly beat the casino.  My Target87 system will address this issue once and for all and specifically define how to beat these casino games and prove there is a system on the market to win consistently!  I mean, have you even heard of a gambling system that beats the casino with an 87% win rate and can garner profits of $600-$800 an hour?  I certainly have never seen another gambling system post results like these and my guess is that you haven't either!  

When you have been gambling for as many years as I have, it's not uncommon to see casino game systems based on some of the worst odds the casino will offer.  Whether it's gambling strategies based on slot machine play or three card
poker programs, people are selling gambling systems that offer the player no hope to win whatsoever!  I know that anyone can get lucky on a given day and play casino games where everything seems to go the right way.  But to make a living at these games and earn the kind of wealth my system offer....well that's just not possible or realistic at all!  In the case of Target87, my system results prove that Baccarat and Roulette are not only beatable, but are casino games that can generate profits of $600-$800 an hour! This is not some fluke or just a lucky trip to the casino, but rather a
level of winning that's never been seen on the gambling market before!  

The bottom line is this: My system wins over 87% of the time, no matter what casino you play in.  This applies to any live online casino or any land based casino in the world.  Target87 returns on average, $600-$800 per hour and will beat any other gambling system....Period!  My system is 100% legal, has been back tested with over 80,000 data points and took me over 10 months to complete. It is statistically unbeatable and could be the first breakthrough in the world of gambling!  So choose your internet gambling system wisely and make sure you know the games in the casino that can be beat.  Because in my opinion, any gambling website out there that can't offer the safety and profits like Target87, should be avoided at all costs.  

The NEW updates are finally here for Target87 - 90% win rate + 15% higher Profits!

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