Preview of Target87 System

As you have probably figured out by now, the name Target87 came from targeting an 87%+ win rate when playing Roulette and Baccarat in any casino around the world.  In the 10 months it took me to complete Target87, I had compiled/processed over 35,000 data points and narrowed my findings down to the very last integer.  And with more than 3 years of playing Target87 for a living, I have accounted for another 100,000 hands/spins of data research that only further the success of my system's program.  In working through hundreds of different analytical and betting based sequences for each game, the results that were discovered became unprecedented in the world of gambling.  When you purchase my Roulette and Baccarat system, you will learn just what these sequences are for each game and how to use them in any live casino play.  My Target87 program was able to break down each game from top to bottom and formulate a system so powerful, that it might offer the highest return ever seen on the market in the last 50 years!

When looking at the dynamics on how to win at Roulette and how to win at Baccarat, I discovered that there were 2 main traits that bounded both games together.  These 2 traits were vital to each of their foundations and ultimately laid the groundwork for my success when playing both games.  But by the same token, Roulette and Baccarat are played very differently and have many stark differences on how each of these traits are implemented.  When you download my Target87 program, I will show you exactly what these key traits are for each system and just how revolutionary they became to making Target87 so successful.  No matter what the casino table might offer (choppy, streaky, or flat results), my system found the "cure" to any such issue and will win at any table environment!  

Having seen my share of just about every gambling strategy out there, I know what's it like to be skeptical when a so-called "new gambling system" comes out on the market.  I have probably read everything there is to know about successful gambling system strategies, just as I've heard about the very pitfalls that make them fail.  But in the course of my research, I believe that Target87 separated itself from the other systems out there when Target87 never failed at any point during the data process!  I can't even begin to tell you how hard that is to accomplish and something I was very proud of when working through my research. Keep in mind that anyone can make claims about a high win rate when formulating any form of gambling system, but to generate profits of $600-$800 an hour is a whole other level to accomplish!  In purchasing my Target87 program, you will learn that both my Roulette and Baccarat systems are structured to last only 1 HOUR in length and can be done in any casino environment. So unlike many other systems that claim to make $600+ a day playing these same games, I am able to accomplish this task in only an hour of playing at the table!! Learning how to win at Roulette and how to win at Baccarat with win rates as high as this is totally unprecedented in the world of gambling.

The bottom line is that Target87 has passed every rigorous data point check and stood up to the most scrutinized set of testing after 10 months of analytical work.  Although my Roulette and Baccarat systems were formulated differently, they both had to succumb to the exact same standards.  I put them through every possible casino scenario and looked at all variables to eliminate any weakness my system might have.  I'm not saying that my system is 100% perfect and no you will not win every sessions you play when entering the casino doors. But when your winning over 87% of the sessions you play and profiting between $600-$800 an hour,
I think it's fair to say that Target87 is about as close to perfect as you will get! Whether I sell just one unit of Target87 or clear out a million copies of my product, I will still use this same system on a regular basis.  I personally play about 3-4 times a week and really proud of all the hard work it took to create one of the most amazing gambling systems to hit the market in the last 50 years! It has changed my life and know that it will do the same for you.  

The NEW updates are finally here for Target87 - 90% win rate + 15% higher Profits!

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