NEW updates to the Target87 System
and Inclusive Skype Session Information

Finally, after months of arduous data crunching and thorough back testing work, the new Target87 is now ready for its 2014 debut!  With this newly built system, I have been able to generate a 90% win rate and increase the hourly profits by almost 15%! With so much feedback over the last year from former customers, I felt that there were many aspects of Target87 that needed adjusting and tailoring to better suit the "average" bettor out there. With changes ranging from alternative betting sequences, to the way certain bet placements are made, I was able to take the existing Target87 platform and increase the output for an overall, more powerful system! And quite honestly, I was actually skeptical that such an improvement to the Target87 system wasn't really possible, but after seeing the results for myself, I was blown away by the output increase. Without a doubt, this system has been taken to a higher level and will convince even the biggest skeptics that Target87 is the real deal!

With all of my seminars in 2014, I will go over the updated version of Target87 and discuss in length all of the modifications I made to increase the output so significantly.  Within each PDF file download for Baccarat and Roulette, I will also include the new system features and talk about everything that makes Target87 so unique to anything on the market today.  So don't hesitate and see the changes for yourself and how Target87 will change your financial life altogether.  It is by far the most revolutionary new gambling system to hit the market in over 50 years and with hourly profits now exceeding $700-$900, nothing comes close to the power that Target87 performs!  

And after overwhelming requests from customers, I have now decided to offer Skype lessons full time for those that can't make the Target87 seminars or for people that would prefer a 1-on-1 training platform.  Even though I have used Skype as a tool to teach people Target87 from all over the world, I will now dedicate more time to meet the needs of customers that prefer this kind of venue. These Skyping sessions are more inclusive and in-depth to that of the Target87 PDF file downloads and will entail everything that my seminars cover.  Each Skype session will take about 2 hours from start to finish and encompass everything Target87 Baccarat and Roulette.  Check out the Online Store for pricing and feel free to email any questions at the address below.
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