Is Target87 like any other gambling system out there on the market today?

  •      Well I guess if someone else could find me a gambling system that generates $600-$800 an hour, then sure I would have competition.  But I've done my research and in my opinion, no other system out there can touch my results. 


Can you consistently win using Target87 playing the games Baccarat and Roulette?

  •      The best way to answer that question is by having a resounding 87% win rate. If you win       87% of the time at anything, that would be amazing!  I was able to crush the games of Baccarat and Roulette using my system.

Do you have to know anything about Baccarat or Roulette to use this system?

  •      No.  My step by step format will teach you everything you need to know about Baccarat and Roulette and how to play with 100% confidence.


How does Target87 Roulette differ from Target87 Baccarat and why are you selling them separately?

  •      Well each system has stark differences that make them successful on their own.  There are two key traits that bound them together in principle, but the way they are implemented vary greatly. So if one person bought both systems and then played them side by side, their methods would look nothing alike!  The entire winning formula lies in the Target87 dynamics that each game employs.


Does Target87 try to predict what cards will be dealt in Baccarat or predict where the next spin on the Roulette wheel might land?

  • The answer is 100% NO and any system based on “predictor” or “prediction” methods is total nonsense if you ask me.  My system is purely based on the most advanced analytical analysis and took almost 10 months to perfect.  The results speak for themselves and make for an unbeatable system. 


How long will it take to learn the Target87 system?

  • That is a tough question to answer because everyone is different and people's learning skills   vary from individual to individual.  But on average, it should not take more than a day or two   to understand the concepts behind what I am teaching.  More than anything else, practice       and repetition will make you a winning player when learning my system.


Is this system a “flat betting” strategy or a progression based betting system?

  • This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions I get.  First off, yes my system     does use a form of progression betting.  But without hesitation, “Flat betting” is probably       one of the worst strategies to use in any form of gambling.  The casino's house edge makes   flat betting extremely difficult to profit from and whatever small win is achieved, usually         takes hours and hours of grinding it out!  Although it seems counter-intuitive, but there is no flat betting system out on the market today that comes close to the safety my system     offers! People automatically assume that by using some form of progression based betting,   your risks become greater and your losses get steeper.  Well that is totally untrue (if done   the right way of course) and Target87 will blow this theory out of the water!


Does this system involve any card counting or take a mathematical genius to learn?

  • No and No for both questions.  The average person following my step by step program will     have no trouble understanding the concepts of what my system teaches.


Why sell this system if it's so amazing and can produce such a high level of success for yourself? And what about money back guarantee's?

  • When asked, this question is actually kind of ridiculous and offending at the same time!         Imagine you had a great product and something that could be sold on the market for           everyone to benefit from.......what would you do?  Let's also imagine that you worked for     almost a year to create/perfect this product and was finally ready for people to make money off of!  Wouldn't you try to sell it and earn as much money as possible off all the hard work you put in?  Well that's exactly what I'm doing and let's be honest….you would be doing the exact same thing! Keep in mind that most of you visiting my website have probably lost a good deal of money playing casino games and your looking to change that!  So I feel great about developing and selling a system that finally helps the player beat the casino and gives people 100% confidence every time they sit down to play.  Although my Target87 system does not offer any money back guarantee's or refunds, that certainly has no effect on the validity of the system itself.  Anyone that uses Target87 will see why this is the most revolutionary gambling system on the market today!  I use this same exact system on a regular basis and will continue to do so no matter how many units of Target87 I sell.  I'm proud of my hard work and hope this system helps others just like me.

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