Target87 has now sold over 2000 Downloads of the Baccarat and Roulette system program and with over 300 people attending my Seminars!  It is always exciting to see all of the great emails from past Target87 customers and reading all of the success stories behind their play at the tables. This Blog will help keep updates to all of the news coming out of Target87 and any changes to the upcoming seminars with new cities and dates!


Target87 seminars coming to a city near you.....hoping to add 2 new cities by the end of the summer. Keep checking for updates here.       


Might be adding new Seminar destinations to Los Angeles and Chicago in October and November. Inquire for further details.      


Las Vegas Seminars this weekend!  Should be a great event and can't wait to meet all the new faces to the Target87 system.  Will be posting some upcoming seminars in the coming weeks.


Had a great turnout in Vegas for the Target87 seminars with more than 70 people attending.  Met some really nice people at the event and got thanked multiple times for opening their eyes to the way gambling should be played.  Just posted some new dates for upcoming Las Vegas seminars in September and will be adding a few new cities by years end.      


Target87 has now crossed the 2,100 customer mark and finally starting to get the recognition it deserves! With a system that has changed the gambling landscape forever, more and more people are starting to inquire about the power Target87 has on the games of Baccarat and Roulette.  Keep the emails coming and thanks for all of the support that is making Target87 so successful.


New Seminar dates for November have been posted for Target87 in Las Vegas.  Have been getting some great feedback from customers of Target87 and one in particular wrote me an email a few days ago saying that they made over $18,000 last month using the system.  Congrats Alex and keep the updates coming.


Looking to expand to St. Louis and California starting next year for Target87 seminars! Follow for more details.  


Had another great email from a Target87 customer that wrote he had his biggest day yet using the Baccarat system and won over $2900 in a one hour session.  Way to knock'em dead at the tables Jason and sure they'll be plenty more days like that in store for you in the future.  


Well the last of the 2013 Target87 system seminars happened a few weeks ago in Las Vegas and looking forward to an even better 2014.  Some great new updates are coming to the Target87 system and even more exciting features will be released in the coming months.  Thanks to all my customers for a great year with Target87 and to even more success in 2014.


The new year has finally passed and the holidays have come and gone.  But what's a better way to start 2014 then with a new and improved Target87, that's been updated to an even higher level of play then ever thought possible!  With new testing compiled, back tested and completed, Target87 has now accomplished a win rate of 90% and increased the profit structure by some 15%!  After months and months of data processing and calculations, I was able to push the limits of Target87 to an even higher platform and accomplish something I thought couldn't be done.  I am so proud that the hard work paid off and have increased the hourly profits from $600-$800 to $700-$900 an hour! This is sure to be the biggest year yet for my Target87 system and can't wait to get 2014 started off with a bang. 


New seminar dates have been posted for Target87 and by popular demand,  Dallas, Texas has been chosen as the new location for 2014.  Las Vegas and Atlantic City are still fixtures for my seminars, but I promised to add a new city for the start of the new year.  More updates will be posted and please feel free to email me with any questions.


Just Wanted to thank all of the new customers that have signed up in 2014 for the new and improved Target87.  Have had some great feedback from old/new customers of Target87 and one in particular showed a $22,000 month so far in January.  


Great turnout for the Target87 seminars in Las Vegas over the weekend.  Had 45 people attend and hope that everyone had a great time in Vegas playing the Target87 system.  I know one couple in particular made a profit of $1500 for the trip with just playing 2 hours of my system!  Awesome job Jack and Barbara.  Next seminar is this weekend and then off to Atlantic City in March.


Well after many requests, the new seminar dates for Target87 have been set for the city of St. Louis and very much looking forward to this exciting opportunity.  Just a quick thanks to everyone that emailed me with interests for St. Louis and can't wait for a great turnout from new Target87 customers.  I have also posted the new seminar dates for Las Vegas that will occur in late April, early May.


New Target87 seminar dates have been posted in Las Vegas for July.  Still a few seats left for the upcoming St. Louis seminar so make sure to sign up soon.  


Received a wonderful letter from a former customer of Target87 that thanked me for changing his life completely and has enabled him to live a work-free life as a result of my system.  He said he has surpassed $100,000 in profits since starting the Target87 program back in 2013 and has been finally able to put a down payment on a new house for him and his family!  Well congrats Peter and wish you all the best with the new home and the continued success at the tables. 


Las Vegas seminars are upcoming this weekend and still 4 seats left.  Sign up now and learn about the most powerful and game changing new gambling system to hit the market in over 50 years. Simply go to the shopping cart page on this website to learn more about prices and dates.


Had some nice feedback from a few customers about their Target87 playing experience.  They were really impressed with the format of how the system worked, but seemed especially impressed with the way the system handled choppy shoes in Baccarat.  They have taken in more than $21,000 in profits since using Target87 back in February and are looking to play full time starting in August. Thanks for the update Nancy and hope you and your husband keep knocking em' dead at the tables.  


Vegas Seminars for this weekend almost sold out, so hurry and get your seat now.  Simply go to the shopping cart portion of this website and choose the Las Vegas August 16th seminar dates.  Learn how to play the most revolutionary new gambling system int he world today!


All of the new Seminar dates for Target87 have been posted for this coming October/November.  I will be offering a special for those that book reservations for 2 or more people to any seminar in Las Vegas or St. Louis.  Feel free to email with any questions about this offer.  


Been a great year so far with Target87 and looking to close out the last few months with some strong profits.  Upcoming seminars are only 2 weeks away so check out more information on the seminar pages on the this site.  Thanks for all the great emails and keep the profits coming!  


Had a great turnout for the seminars in St. Louis and Vegas and look forward to hearing all the success stories from everyone who attended.  The new Target87 system seminar schedule will be posted later today and feel free to email all questions at  Check the website for more information regarding the seminar dates and times.  


Well the 2015 New Year has officially started and ready to take Target87 to an even higher level of play. You can view all of the updated seminar information within the website and check out the Target87 system facebook page for all live results.  It should be another great year at the tables and looking to book record profits at Baccarat and Roulette.  To everyone that has made Target87 such a success....a very big thank you and hope it has changed your life as it has done for me!  


Gearing up for my first Baccarat tournament coming in April!  Heading to Macau for the $5,000 buy in event and the winner takes home $1,000,000.  I think the payout structure will cover 8 spots so even if I get 8th in the tournament, a $20,000 payday awaits!  And for those that still haven't signed up for the upcoming Las Vegas seminars, they happen in about 2 weeks.  For more information about all seminars, please refer to the tab at the top of the page for details.


New Seminar updates have been added for Las Vegas in April and May and also added a new date for the city of St. Louis.  It was a pretty good month for Target87 during February and if you follow the Facebook page for all results, you will see some big wins within the month.  Heading off to Macau in about a month for the $5,000 Baccarat Tournament and really hoping for a deep run. in the tournament  A quick thanks to everyone who has signed up for the Target87 program and always here for any help/questions any of you might have.  Good luck to everyone!  


Only a week away until the Macau Baccarat tournament trip!  Also make sure to sign up for the upcoming Target87 seminars and check the website for all information regarding dates.  To all of those that have had issues with the downloading of the Target87 PDF files, the problem has been fixed and apologize for any mishaps.  Check back here for all Target87 updates.


What a great trip to Macau and really enjoyed the whole stay I was out there.  Ended up finishing in the 3rd round of the tournament, but still had a fun time with the whole format.  I was one person away from getting to the 4th round and with 6 rounds total, I missed the payout by only one round! But can't wait to get out there again for sure.  As for the upcoming seminars, new dates have been posted for Vegas and Dallas, so check out the site for more information.  


Upcoming Dallas seminar looks almost full this weekend so remember to sign up if you haven't had a chance yet.  I also got an email from a friend last night that happened to stumble upon a blog site out on the internet that made negative "opinions" on what they think about the Target87 system. Well I am not one that really cares to search the web for things like this, but since my friend told me about it, I read through the blog quickly and found it quite entertaining!  lol  I am always amazed at how people can formulate judgements about something without ever trying it or give insights when they have no idea how the system works.  For many people, they simply read the Target87 headline (earns $600-$800 an hour and has an 87% win rate) and automatically assumes the system must be completely bogus or a scam.  Well I always find that simplicity hilarious and without any basis for how the Target87 system program works, how can anyone form an opinion one way or another!  All one has to do is simply send an email to inquire about how the system works and will learn quickly just how amazing and REAL the results are!  So even though I normally shy away from stuff like this, I felt it was worth spending 2 minutes commenting on it here and challenge anyone that might think this system is not what it claims!  I am always here to answer any/all questions and with over 3 years of playing my system live for a living........I think $1,200,000 in casino profits to date speaks volumes on the just how amazing the system performance is!!      


I can't believe we are already into July and the year seems to be flying by at warp speed. We are a 
past the midway point for 2015 and so far it's been a great year with Target87.  The live table sessions (you can view the play results on my Facebook page) have been excellent this year and hoping for a great 2nd half of 2015 with playing Baccarat and Roulette using the Target87 system.  I did want to thank everyone who attended my Target87 system seminars and really appreciate all the support.  I have met some great people along the way and have changed the lives of many financially with the system use.  Also, thank you for all the wonderful emails and to those that have personally kept in touch with me over the course of their live play.  New seminar dates have been posted on the website so check them out if you still haven't attended any in the past. 


Well after a successful surgery, I am back at the tables once again, but not after missing almost a month of playing live in the casinos.  I just wanted to thank everyone that sent their best regards and appreciate all the support.  I have also received some great follow-up emails from those with great success stories using the Target87 system and look forward to reading more.  All of the new Target87 seminar dates have been posted on the website and offering Chicago, IL as new city of choice.  Follow my live results on the Facebook page I have provided and see how each session goes.  


A new year has finally begun and with a stellar 2015 year at the tables, I am ready for even better success in 2016.  I will be posting new dates for the Roulette and Baccarat seminars this week and adding some new cities for the 2016 calendar year.  Thanks for all of the support from everyone who joined Target87 and always great to hear the success stories from past and current customers. I will keep my Facebook page active with all the monthly result updates and try to give more information on any updates to Target87 there as well.  Happy new year and remember, it's not gambling if your winning!!


Off to a great start to the year so far and have had a good turn out for many of the Target87 seminars I have held in 2016.  More dates have been posted for the upcoming seminars in Las Vegas, so check out the site for the next available ones I will be holding.  I am hopeful to add another city for the Target87 seminars and will try and choose one by the summer.  I have had a lot of feedback from customers about other cities to teach at and appreciate all the input.  Keep following my Facebook page for all updates on my monthly play at the tables and feel free to email with any questions on the Target87 system.


Has been a slow few months for me at the tables since I took a little time off for vacation and spent some fun time with family and friends.  I have probably only played a total of 15-20 sessions since mid March, which is about a 1/3 of what I normally put in during that time frame. But had some good success within these sessions and looking forward to a lot more play over the next 3-4 months.  Keep checking for the updated seminar dates if interested in learning Target87 in a classroom format.  I will be adding a new city after July and have had some great feedback from those on new places to have the seminars.  Feel free to email with any questions on Target87 and always look forward to hearing about customer success.  


New dates have been added for the Target87 seminars. Was a busy summer of traveling, but ready to get back into the swing of things with Baccarat and Roulette on a more regular basis.  I will provide my results on the Target87 Facebook page with my live play and hope to update every few weeks.  Look forward to a great end of the year.  


Just posted some new seminar dates for the coming year in Las Vegas.  Thanks for all the updates and emails from everyone and have had a great year with the Target87 system.  I will be adding another city stop next year for the Target87 seminars and hope to get more feedback from those on other cities to teach my system.


2017 is off and running and a great start to the month.  I had a sell out crowd at my Las Vegas seminar last weekend and enjoyed meeting everyone who attended.  I added a new city for my March seminar in Houston, TX and added an April date for Chicago.  Keep following all the results at my Target87 Facebook page and look forward to hitting Macau next month.  


Will be posting some new dates for my Target87 seminars today and just crossed the 2800 mark for Target87 systems sold!  A big thanks to everyone and always great to hear feedback from all my customers.  Will be entering a Baccarat tournament next month and excited to see if I can take it down.  Put good use to my Target87 baccarat system!!  For those that have any questions with regard to Target87, feel free to email me


New seminar locations will be posted by the end of next month and wanted to thank everyone for their feedback on new locations to choose from.  I always enjoy customer emails and updates with their success stories and do my best to respond to each message.  Also a big shout out to Robert, who won over $15,000 this month with my Baccarat system and for his continued updates on how he is doing.  I know this was a game changer for him personally and is on his way to financial independence.  Check back for more updates and everything Target87.


The summer is coming to an end soon and much of my busy schedule begins. It's been a fun summer for visiting friends, playing in Macau and meeting some great people through the Target87 seminars.  Once September rolls around, I will be hitting the tables much
 more and probably playing 3-4 times a week again.  As always, keep the emails coming and appreciate all the feedback from customers that use Target87 on a regular basis.  You can always check my Facebook page for updates to my live play and follow the website here for any new information regarding Target87 news.  


The year 2017 is quickly coming to an end and had another great year with Target87.  I will be doing a lot of tweaking to my seminars next year and use different formats that might improve the overall experience of them.  I had one person in particular that made a good point about the seminar format and took his advice to improve on it for next year.  I still do my best to post on my Facebook page with all my results, but hard sometimes to keep it as active as I would like.  But I seem to post every few weeks with updates and such.  Thanks again for everyone who supports the Target87 system and keep the emails coming.  I will try to change up the cities next year and find different venues that make it easier for people to attend.


The new year has started with a bang and had a sold out Vegas seminar back in January.  After this post, I will be adding new Vegas seminar dates coming in April and looking to expand my one-on-one Skype sessions to a greater audience.  For those interested, I still post my live play results on my Facebook page and usually update it twice a month depending on my schedule.  Can't believe we are already in March, where it felt like 2018 just started a few weeks ago!  lol  


The year is half over and can't believe we are in July already!  Feels like 2018 just began and Target87 has had a banner year so far. New Seminar dates were posted a few months back and starting in September, I will be adding Los Angeles as one the destinations for the Target87 seminars.  Make sure to check out my Facebook page with all the live action from table play.  I tend to post my wins/losses a few times a month and with any news on Target87 in general. Thanks to everyone who joined the Target87 program and keep the emails coming.  


It's been a while since my last blog and just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday in the coming weeks.  It's been quite a year and appreciate all the support for the Target87 system.  I have met some great people and continue to speak with many of my former customers.  I am taking the rest of the year off from playing live so that I can enjoy time with family and recharge the batteries for the upcoming 2019 year.  I will be implementing a few changes for next year that will include more tournament play with Baccarat.  I will do my best to keep this blog active, but sometimes my schedule makes it hard to always keep up with social media stuff.  I know many of you ask me to post more on this blog, so I will make more attempts to check in with updates.  Enjoy the rest of the year and look forward to meeting new Target87 customers in 2019.  


We are starting our huge sale for all Target87 Skype and PDF file download products.  As a thank you to everyone who has supported Target87 and the enormous success it has brought the gambling community, this sale is long overdue!  Normally these products sell for $300 and $400, but with the discounts in place, the prices will be dropped to $175 and $225 respectively!  Target87 has changed the way people view Baccarat and Roulette and has finally brought winning to a whole new level.  


New seminar dates have been posted for Las Vegas, Houston and Chicago.  I will be adding San Antonio, TX at a later time this year and have had some requests for Los Angeles.  So please check back for updates on the cities Target87 will be hosting its seminars.  Make the change and finally learn a system that revolutionizes gambling and how to beat the casino!


I have been receiving a lot of emails from people asking whether I will be changing up city locations for my Target87 seminars.  The short answer is yes, but my schedule has made it a little difficult to travel to some of the destination requests.  Hopefully, I will be able to add another city in the coming months and offer more states where people can attend the Target87 seminars.  Thanks for all of the emails and keep them coming.  


Wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday and thanks for everyone who has supported the Target87 system program.  The success has been amazing and always great to hear feedback from everyone.  I will be adding a new city at the beginning of the year and expand on some new Target87 seminars.  Have a happy Thanksgiving and great Christmas.  


It has certainly been a while since I last posted on here, but as we all know, many things have changed in the world we live in.  Living in the State of Nevada, I have been unable to play live since the end of February, but it looks like starting in early June, they will be opening up casinos once again.  From what I have been told, the casinos will look very different out here and curious at the kinds of changes in store for each property.  In all, I am hopeful to be back playing Baccarat and Roulette in short order and as always, will be posting my results on my Facebook page.  Good luck to everyone out there and as always, thanks for all your support.


Just a quick post on my Facebook live session updates.  I have been having trouble with Facebook recently and not sure why postings are not going through properly on there.  I have had several questions from people asking about any recent playing results, but my Facebook page has not been posting correctly for some reason.  For the time being, I will simply post any live session baccarat or roulette results here and hope to get the Facebook issues resolved shortly.  Sorry about that, but have contacted their customer service to have them see what the problem might be.  As for recent results, I have only played a handful of times the last few weeks, but have done well in the sessions I played.  Total profit came in at $1900 over 4 sessions, which all encompassed Baccarat.  I will keep the updates on here for the next few weeks until my Facebook page is back working properly.  Thanks 


Have been able to play a dozen sessions since my last post with good results.  Won 5 out of 6 sessions with a total profit around $2800.  I actually got a little lucky on the session I lost because I wound up winning 7 of the last 8 hands, which helped the loss of that session to better number than it should have been.  But no complaints here and I guess it could have gone the other way as well.  Should be playing a lot over this coming weekend, but nothing during this coming week.  


After weeks of working with Facebook, it looks like my page got hacked and why I was having trouble posting updates and using the functionality of facebook.  They told me the only way to fix it was by starting up a brand new Target87 page, but with all the work I put into it over the years, I just felt is wasn't worth the effort anymore.  With that said, I will simply move my session updates to this blog page and allow everyone access to my results here.  Sorry to those that use Facebook more regularly, but this website will better serve the time I have to post my results.  

As for playing the last few weeks, I had a great run where I won 10 straight sessions in a row, with a profit of almost $11,000.  I haven't a run like that in a while, so it was definitely due.  I played 4 sessions of roulette and the remainder baccarat.  Next session play will take place this weekend and hopefully a handful more next week.  


Have logged about 6 to 7 sessions since my last post, but mainly played roulette sessions, outside of one baccarat play.  Results were decent, but had one session loss that hurt my overall profit.  Still came ahead $1800, but was on pace to make over $4000.  I have received a lot of emails regarding my seminars and yes I am still offering them, as the seminar page on here shows.  I have spoken with each hotel that I have these events at and all have been great in working with me.  If any seminars are cancelled, a full refund is always given to each person.  I'm taking off the next week from playing, but will be back at the tables the following week.  


Been a very hectic month with traveling and had some somber news with a good friend of mine having passed away a few weeks ago.  He will be missed dearly.  I have been playing off and on the last month, but quite honestly, I do not have the statistics on how well I did over this stretch.  My guess is that I put in 6-7 sessions and profited around $3,000-$4,000.  But with everything going on lately, I did not keep the data during this stretch.  I will be active at the tables again this week and the next so will check back with results.  Thanks for all the emails and looking forward to meeting two new clients to Target87 next week.  


Have put in a ton of sessions in the last 3 weeks, with over 12 sessions played total.  Profits came in at around $9200 and was very happy overall with the results.  I did  have two losing sessions during this period, but that also came with one of my biggest sessions of the year with a $4400 win.  The casinos have been packed lately, which is nice to see and people getting out again for some fun.  I will be back at the tables this weekend and then a little break early next week.  


Took some time off to the last few weeks, but should be back into the full swing of playing until the end of the year.  I have 2 baccarat tournaments lined up next month and hoping for a good run to the end of the year.  2020 has been another great year of playing and looking forward to new and exciting things for Target87 in 2021.  Will post results in the coming weeks with my play, but looking to bank another $10,000 before the end of the year. 

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